4 Ways to Better Understand and Appreciate your Agency’s Creative Team

You may not often see your agency’s creative team. An account executive with business and marketing expertise is the face of the agency, helping you through budgets, strategy and results. But what you may not consider is the fact that your account executive takes all those carefully typed notes back to writers and designers. You may have all kinds of ideas regarding promotions, events and campaigns, but no matter how clever or unprecedented, these ideas can’t go out to meet the world on their own two feet. They have to be carefully packaged. This packaging takes time. It also takes expertise and a knowledge of basic design rules. Enter the creative team. When creative material is presented to you, as the client, it should always be accompanied by an explanation. When this explanation comes, there are a few steps you can take to more fully understand the creative team: Listen. …


Advertising Unveiled

by Brittany Gibson What does an ad agency do exactly? My idea: They draw you in with their catchy phrases, beautiful pictures and wonderful ideas of what could be and what you could have, if only you would  ______. Behind the scenes, I imagined it to look like a picture out of marketing text book. There would be a perfect setting of food at a conference table–pastries, danishes, donuts and the token bowl of fruit just to make people think we’re healthy. Of course, there would be a full-service espresso machine with our very own barista (named Taylor, of course) who would know each person’s specialized drink. Next our team would come in dressed like J. Crew models (all coordinating) holding our very executive notebooks and laughing about something “Bob” had said. After grabbing our appropriate sugared sensation, we would sit down and begin our creative meeting. Ideas would just …


Dental Advertising Campaign: SC Orthodontics Group

This past quarter, UMG launched a marketing blitz for SC Orthodontics Group. The group wanted to announce a new orthodontic dentist at their Columbia office and attract new patients. Not only did the campaign require a turnaround of less than two weeks, but our creative team struggled to choose the best messaging angle. However, this campaign turned out to be one of our most successful yet. Our results were over and above what we projected. We began by creating a catchy, easily-remembered URL as a landing page–MyAffordableBraces.com. All advertising materials would display this URL and lead viewers to the page. Design elements were simple, two-toned and modern, and the content was light. Offer: Complete Braces Packages starting at $—-. Plus free, initial consultation. Messaging: Challenge the concept that families have to put their lives on hold for braces. Execution: The blitz included landing page, digital billboards, online search and display ads, …

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Featured Ad: Carolina Dental Alliance, Quality of Life

We recently launched an ad campaign for our client, Carolina Dental Alliance, that targets Hispanics in South Carolina. The premise centers on two key concepts: Research shows that most Hispanics will not visit a dentist for an oral condition unless that condition adversely affects their quality of life. Food in the Hispanic community is an essential part of enjoying life. Hispanics gather around meals for many of their social and family gatherings. Using these two ideas, our creative team developed an ad series that made consumers stop and think about what it’s really like to go through life with oral pain.  


Hispanic Advertising Agency Hires Graphic Designer

August 15, 2014, Greenville, S.C.– Unicomm Media Group, South Carolina’s first full-service, Hispanic advertising agency is excited to announce the hire of Emma Klak to serve on the agency’s creative team. Klak recently graduated from Bob Jones University with a BFA in Graphic Design. She has won multiple awards, including Student Best of Show and Gold and Silver ADDY awards through the American Advertising Federation Greenville. Klak specializes in branding, advertising, layout, package design and photography. “As an agency, we’re excited to add an award-winning designer to our team,” said Gustavo Nieves, UniComm’s CFO. “At UMG, we are always striving to create world-class creative. Emma’s work speaks for itself, and we are excited to see the new levels to which she will take UMG’s creative product.” With this addition, UMG adds to an already strong team that delivers exceptional strategy and creative to all its clients.   About UniComm Media …


The UMG Story Part 2: Strategy

To read part 1 of our story, click here.   When we started the company, our agency space consisted of a 12″x18″ dry erase board, markers and more ideas than we could fit on that small board. We would list our target clients on our board as a reminder of who our big catches were. Because of that list, we would spend hours talking about how they made advertising decisions and how we could become a part of that process. Initially, a lot of the projects we would get were small design projects. In fact, our first client was a business plan we wrote for a small jewelry store. After that, our first creative project came in the form of a $600 website complete with a one-hour photo shoot. Strategy First As our client base grew in size and scope, so did our capabilities. After our first year, we landed …


Five Signs You Could Benefit from Hiring an Ad Agency

Wondering if you qualify to hire an ad agency? Maybe you think your business is still too small or your workload is unpredictable, but you’re probably more qualified than you think. Either way, never hesitate to look into your options. Many agencies are willing to work even with small businesses and will help you customize their services. 1.     I’m too busy for all this. When the day-to-day, technical tasks of your company take up most of your time, little is left for advertising, marketing and public relations. It may be time to hire an agency when you simply don’t have the manpower in-house to find ways to get your company’s story, services or products out there consistently in the public eye. 2.     I could really use some consistency. You may be able to update your company’s Facebook account yourself, but if you struggle to find content or to consistently interact …


The UMG Story Part 1: An Idea

Everyone has a story to tell. It’s part of what makes us unique. Our personal backgrounds shape the way we are and how we live our lives. We learn from past mistakes, we fondly remember moments spent with loved ones, and we spend many hours looking back through old pictures and scrapbooks. As an agency, our story is no different. We love to tell our story every chance we get. We believe that where we came from is an integral part of who we are today, how we run our agency and what we want our agency to be in the future. UMG’s story is one built on family, entrepreneurship and a desire to enhance our culture. In 2009, my brother Ramón approached me with the idea of an advertising agency that specialized in helping brands reach the Hispanic consumer. The idea stemmed from our involvement with the SC Hispanic …


Carolina Dental Alliance Choses UniComm Media Group as Advertising Agency

Jan. 31, 2014, Greenville, S.C. — Carolina Dental Alliance has chosen UniComm Media Group, LLC to develop and implement outreach efforts to both the general and Hispanic markets. “Our company is committed to becoming active in our community and fulfilling its dental needs,” said Dr. Jim Nasim, DMD, dental director for Carolina Dental Alliance. “I feel that there is a large void, specifically in our local Hispanic population, in regards to oral education and the availability of quality dental care. CDA will offer Spanish-speaking staff in our modern, centrally located Cherrydale office to encourage better communication between our patients and doctors.” Unicomm Media Group will work with Carolina Dental Alliance to reach this population through dental health awareness campaigns, support of Hispanic community efforts and culturally relevant marketing and advertising practices. “We continue to partner with organizations that understand the importance of the Hispanic community in the Upstate, and we …