Greenlink Receives Hispanic Marketing Plan from UMG

Today, after months of research, strategy and creative brainstorming, UMG presented Greenlink, the city of Greenville’s transportation system, with a Hispanic Market Action Plan. The plan included much research into the transportation sector and Greenville’s Hispanic community, and it included a comprehensive marketing plan.

Transportation was a new field for us. It’s an industry full of challenges, but with these challenges, come numerous opportunities for thinking outside of the box and setting precedents. We were certainly stretched.

There is still a long road to go taking ideas from concepts to execution, but we are pleased to report that Greenlink has set all the wheels in motion to implement one of our recommended tactics.

Starting tomorrow, keep an eye on Routes #2 White Horse Road, #3 Poinsett-Rutherford, #6 Anderson Road and #9 West Parker-Berea-Woodside.

The digital “welcome” message on the outside front of each bus will be replaced with a greeting to Spanish speaking riders:



Conveying warmth and openness to the Hispanic community through this welcome in their own language may be a small step, but it has the potential to make a powerful impact on Hispanics in the area.

We are excited to see Greenlink reach out to the growing Hispanic community in Greenville. Stay tuned for more news of our work with Greenlink.


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