How to Reach the Hispanic Market

At UMG, we get a lot of questions from brands who what to reach the Hispanic market. By far, the most common question is: Where do I start? For a company that wants to start a Hispanic marketing program, that can be a daunting question. However, our approach to answering that question is very simple: Use a MAP. Although it sounds like what men refer to when they don’t want to ask for directions, here at UMG a MAP has a little different meaning.

MAP stands for Marketing Action Plan, and we use it to help clients develop a plan of attack for marketing to Hispanics. Many companies enlist our help because they have had trouble seeing results with their own marketing, connecting to their audience, or coming up with new ideas. At UniComm, we have the privilege of helping clients specifically appeal to the Hispanic population.

We start the MAP process by finding out the company’s basic background, past marketing experience, and what they’re looking for on a micro and macro level. The next step is to conduct a thorough market research process. At the end of this phase we will have developed a target market profile for our client.

Next, we brainstorm. We take the market insights and research we gathered and focus our efforts on developing a messaging and execution strategy that will reach the target Hispanic market. After gathering a few different ideas that we believe will be most effective in helping our clients successfully market their product in the Hispanic market, we let Emma, our Creative Director, and the rest of the creative team work their magic. The team takes all of our ideas and designs them into a beautiful marketing campaign that we believe will be most appealing to the target customer and most consistent with the overall branding strategy of the client.

At the end of the MAP process we present to our client an execution-ready campaign that is ready to go within days of the presentation meeting.

If you think your business would be interested in a MAP by UMG, please contact us. We would be glad to help guide your organization through the process of marketing to the Hispanic consumer.

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