The Three C’s of Hispanic Marketing for Financial Institutions (Part I)

By 2020, one in five Americans are expected to be of Hispanic origin. This staggering statistic demands your business’s attention. Many companies would agree that ignoring the Hispanic market is a mistake. But most are unsure of how to reach them. And others still wonder if their particular business truly needs to market to Hispanics right now, or if they can push it off a little longer. When it comes to banks, the answer is “go for it.” Hispanics need a bank today, not five years down the road. Unfortunately, most banks are doing a poor job marketing to them. As a result, the Hispanic market is a wealth of potential for financial institutions. Hispanics will pick a bank because they have to. So how can you convince them to pick yours? By following the three C’s of Hispanic marketing: Communication, Community, and Culture. Communication: Hispanic marketing is not: translating all your English ads …


Tamales and Traditions: The Culture Gap in Hispanic Marketing

According to the U.S. Census Bureau and Pew Hispanic Center, the Hispanic population will make up 30% of the nation by July 1, 2050. This is exciting news for businesses, IF they decide to tap into the Hispanic culture and influence.  Most companies have seen this rising trend and are preparing to appeal to the Hispanic population. But now, the real question- how? How do you captivate an audience who’s culture is so different from America’s? How do you know that your message is being communicated effectively? Here’s some basic “do’s” and “don’ts” when advertising to Hispanics.  Do: Customize your message.      Certain messages in English may sound the same grammatically in Spanish but have entirely different connotations. The California Milk Processors decided to translate their motto, “Got Milk?” into Spanish but ended up with what sounded like, “Are You Lactating?” in a Hispanic’s mind. By double checking grammar, correct …


How to Reach the Hispanic Market

At UMG, we get a lot of questions from brands who what to reach the Hispanic market. By far, the most common question is: Where do I start? For a company that wants to start a Hispanic marketing program, that can be a daunting question. However, our approach to answering that question is very simple: Use a MAP. Although it sounds like what men refer to when they don’t want to ask for directions, here at UMG a MAP has a little different meaning. MAP stands for Marketing Action Plan, and we use it to help clients develop a plan of attack for marketing to Hispanics. Many companies enlist our help because they have had trouble seeing results with their own marketing, connecting to their audience, or coming up with new ideas. At UniComm, we have the privilege of helping clients specifically appeal to the Hispanic population. We start the MAP process by …


Greenlink Receives Hispanic Marketing Plan from UMG

Today, after months of research, strategy and creative brainstorming, UMG presented Greenlink, the city of Greenville’s transportation system, with a Hispanic Market Action Plan. The plan included much research into the transportation sector and Greenville’s Hispanic community, and it included a comprehensive marketing plan. Transportation was a new field for us. It’s an industry full of challenges, but with these challenges, come numerous opportunities for thinking outside of the box and setting precedents. We were certainly stretched. There is still a long road to go taking ideas from concepts to execution, but we are pleased to report that Greenlink has set all the wheels in motion to implement one of our recommended tactics. Starting tomorrow, keep an eye on Routes #2 White Horse Road, #3 Poinsett-Rutherford, #6 Anderson Road and #9 West Parker-Berea-Woodside. The digital “welcome” message on the outside front of each bus will be replaced with a greeting to …

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Featured Ad: Carolina Dental Alliance, Quality of Life

We recently launched an ad campaign for our client, Carolina Dental Alliance, that targets Hispanics in South Carolina. The premise centers on two key concepts: Research shows that most Hispanics will not visit a dentist for an oral condition unless that condition adversely affects their quality of life. Food in the Hispanic community is an essential part of enjoying life. Hispanics gather around meals for many of their social and family gatherings. Using these two ideas, our creative team developed an ad series that made consumers stop and think about what it’s really like to go through life with oral pain.