The Three C’s of Hispanic Marketing for Financial Institutions (Part I)

By 2020, one in five Americans are expected to be of Hispanic origin. This staggering statistic demands your business’s attention. Many companies would agree that ignoring the Hispanic market is a mistake. But most are unsure of how to reach them. And others still wonder if their particular business truly needs to market to Hispanics right now, or if they can push it off a little longer. When it comes to banks, the answer is “go for it.” Hispanics need a bank today, not five years down the road. Unfortunately, most banks are doing a poor job marketing to them. As a result, the Hispanic market is a wealth of potential for financial institutions. Hispanics will pick a bank because they have to. So how can you convince them to pick yours? By following the three C’s of Hispanic marketing: Communication, Community, and Culture. Communication: Hispanic marketing is not: translating all your English ads …


Tamales and Traditions: The Culture Gap in Hispanic Marketing

According to the U.S. Census Bureau and Pew Hispanic Center, the Hispanic population will make up 30% of the nation by July 1, 2050. This is exciting news for businesses, IF they decide to tap into the Hispanic culture and influence.  Most companies have seen this rising trend and are preparing to appeal to the Hispanic population. But now, the real question- how? How do you captivate an audience who’s culture is so different from America’s? How do you know that your message is being communicated effectively? Here’s some basic “do’s” and “don’ts” when advertising to Hispanics.  Do: Customize your message.      Certain messages in English may sound the same grammatically in Spanish but have entirely different connotations. The California Milk Processors decided to translate their motto, “Got Milk?” into Spanish but ended up with what sounded like, “Are You Lactating?” in a Hispanic’s mind. By double checking grammar, correct …


Made with Love: The Making of a Delicious Ad

If you haven’t noticed, we do a lot of advertising for dental practices. We constantly fight against the boring while still pulling on the heartstrings and communicating our client’s value proposition. Our latest challenge was a campaign for a pediatric dental office; so our imaginations went wild. We wanted to reach Hispanic parents by acknowledging their love for their kids and pledging that our dental office joined in those same efforts of keeping them happy and healthy. The design process wasn’t only wildly fun, but became an adorable and delicious ad that stood out from the crowd.   First, we bought a bunch of food. Then Emma got to work, transforming fruits and veggies into a mom-worthy lunchbox creation.  Lettuce and raisins became seaweed, blue jello transformed into a turbulent sea for a mandarin orange boat and carrot slices graced a cheese sandwich as fish scales.   After everything was just …


RFPs – A New Perspective on the Bidding Process

Do you sometimes feel that bidding on advertising projects is a losing game, requiring hours of research and free spec work? We do too. Even with differing opinions about how agencies should respond to these kinds of opportunities, some thinking them wasteful or limiting to creativity, perhaps a positive perspective on the process still exists. Instead of killing creativity, the structure just might become a challenge that grows your team by leaps and bounds. The process usually goes something like this: Stumble across a request for proposal Have an RFP sent by a colleague Actively search for an RFP  Debate whether it’s worth it. We usually end up asking realistic questions such as: Is our agency a good fit for this organization or project? Do we have time to fit in this bid along with our client work?  Dive in. Conduct free research. If you look on the bright side, this equals …


Advertising Unveiled

by Brittany Gibson What does an ad agency do exactly? My idea: They draw you in with their catchy phrases, beautiful pictures and wonderful ideas of what could be and what you could have, if only you would  ______. Behind the scenes, I imagined it to look like a picture out of marketing text book. There would be a perfect setting of food at a conference table–pastries, danishes, donuts and the token bowl of fruit just to make people think we’re healthy. Of course, there would be a full-service espresso machine with our very own barista (named Taylor, of course) who would know each person’s specialized drink. Next our team would come in dressed like J. Crew models (all coordinating) holding our very executive notebooks and laughing about something “Bob” had said. After grabbing our appropriate sugared sensation, we would sit down and begin our creative meeting. Ideas would just …


Dental Advertising Campaign: SC Orthodontics Group

This past quarter, UMG launched a marketing blitz for SC Orthodontics Group. The group wanted to announce a new orthodontic dentist at their Columbia office and attract new patients. Not only did the campaign require a turnaround of less than two weeks, but our creative team struggled to choose the best messaging angle. However, this campaign turned out to be one of our most successful yet. Our results were over and above what we projected. We began by creating a catchy, easily-remembered URL as a landing page–MyAffordableBraces.com. All advertising materials would display this URL and lead viewers to the page. Design elements were simple, two-toned and modern, and the content was light. Offer: Complete Braces Packages starting at $—-. Plus free, initial consultation. Messaging: Challenge the concept that families have to put their lives on hold for braces. Execution: The blitz included landing page, digital billboards, online search and display ads, …

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Featured Ad: Carolina Dental Alliance, Quality of Life

We recently launched an ad campaign for our client, Carolina Dental Alliance, that targets Hispanics in South Carolina. The premise centers on two key concepts: Research shows that most Hispanics will not visit a dentist for an oral condition unless that condition adversely affects their quality of life. Food in the Hispanic community is an essential part of enjoying life. Hispanics gather around meals for many of their social and family gatherings. Using these two ideas, our creative team developed an ad series that made consumers stop and think about what it’s really like to go through life with oral pain.  


Carolina Dental Alliance Choses UniComm Media Group as Advertising Agency

Jan. 31, 2014, Greenville, S.C. — Carolina Dental Alliance has chosen UniComm Media Group, LLC to develop and implement outreach efforts to both the general and Hispanic markets. “Our company is committed to becoming active in our community and fulfilling its dental needs,” said Dr. Jim Nasim, DMD, dental director for Carolina Dental Alliance. “I feel that there is a large void, specifically in our local Hispanic population, in regards to oral education and the availability of quality dental care. CDA will offer Spanish-speaking staff in our modern, centrally located Cherrydale office to encourage better communication between our patients and doctors.” Unicomm Media Group will work with Carolina Dental Alliance to reach this population through dental health awareness campaigns, support of Hispanic community efforts and culturally relevant marketing and advertising practices. “We continue to partner with organizations that understand the importance of the Hispanic community in the Upstate, and we …