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Year in Review: A Growing Agency

2014 was a great year for UMG. If I had one word to describe our year, it would be “growth.” Our agency grew in a number of ways:

1. Our Clients. In 2014, our client base grew in quantity, but more importantly, in quality. Carolina Dental Alliance, Scansource, and Greenlink were just some of the great clients we had the opportunity to work with this past year.

2. Our Team. This year, we welcomed a new public relations director, Carlie Maldonado, a new creative director, Emma Klak, and a great team of interns who contributed ideas and great work to our agency. Our goal is to treat our team as a family, and I can definitively say that in 2014 our team has grown to be like a family at UMG.

3. Our Expertise. Ad agencies are supposed to be idea factories for clients. Yes, we need to be able to execute on those ideas, but without those foundational thought starters, campaigns never get built and we would never achieve results. In 2014, our team came up with great ideas, but more importantly, we became better at creating ideas that produce results.

Also, because of the great clients we started working with this year, we saw our expertise applied in areas we had never been before. Greenlink is a great example of this growth. As an agency, we had never worked for a transportation industry client before. So I was especially excited to see all of the facets of our agency: research, strategy, creative, messaging, public relations, community outreach and execution come up with great solutions for Greenlink.

These are just some of the areas where we saw tremendous growth in 2014. We can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for us. We’ve got great announcements to make public in the coming months, our team will continue to grow and I know we will be looking back at the end of 2015 reflecting on the challenges, the growth, the successes and the failures that make us a great agency.

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