Made with Love: The Making of a Delicious Ad

If you haven’t noticed, we do a lot of advertising for dental practices. We constantly fight against the boring while still pulling on the heartstrings and communicating our client’s value proposition.

Our latest challenge was a campaign for a pediatric dental office; so our imaginations went wild.

We wanted to reach Hispanic parents by acknowledging their love for their kids and pledging that our dental office joined in those same efforts of keeping them happy and healthy.

The design process wasn’t only wildly fun, but became an adorable and delicious ad that stood out from the crowd.


First, we bought a bunch of food. Then Emma got to work, transforming fruits and veggies into a mom-worthy lunchbox creation.  Lettuce and raisins became seaweed, blue jello transformed into a turbulent sea for a mandarin orange boat and carrot slices graced a cheese sandwich as fish scales.

Collage 1


After everything was just right, Emma set up the scene and started snapping away.

Collage 2


The result:

“You know how to make your kids smile. Our dentists can help keep those smiles healthy.”

CDC Food Ad Final English



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